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Oakdell Way Apartments

6020 Danny Kaye Drive

San Antonio, TX 78240



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
These "townhomes" are cheaply built and haven't been renovated in at least 30-40 years. Cheap is the best adjective to describe these "townhomes". The toilets were the cheapest I've ever used; multiple flushes required. And toilets frequently overflowed, with water dripping into the kitchen area, nice and sanitary. Shower was equally cheap; water pressure was laughable. I had to use my girlfriend's shower in another apartment complex to get clean hair... There's still carpet in the bathrooms-really cheap and nasty. And good luck if you have to empty the trash at night, there are no lights providing safety; also good luck if you're unfortunate enough to park your car in the back there is no lighting, and it will definitely make you feel uneasy at best. No real garbage can to thrown away junk mail at the mailboxes. Every place I've lived at previously at least had decent toilets, showers, and lighting; that's apartment management 101. You won't hear your neighbors, but if you live close to the street you will hear the insane amount of traffic that travels through this area. Also, the apartments are frequently infested; no matter how much my girlfriend and I cleaned this plan it never felt clean and comfortable. I never liked eating there either; it's just too gross no matter what we tried/how often we cleaned. They need to tear down these apartments and rebuild. The walls have cracks in them, that's a major sign, bad foundation. If you live here, you are paying twice as much as you should. Don't be lazy and settle like I did; you will not be happy. Search harder, there are better, nicer places like in Alamo Heights, Helotes, or Leon Springs where I currently live. Don't settle!! And don't be fooled by good reviews, they are not being completely honest or they're in denial. If you must, sign the shortest lease possible, trust. On one small positive note, the maintenance man is a really nice guy, and does a great job, but a great maintenance man can't compensate for living in a money pit.
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Oakdell Way Apartments

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