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Oakdell Way Apartments

6020 Danny Kaye Drive

San Antonio, TX 78240



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
My husband and I lived here a little over 13 months, so I feel that we have a good understanding of the property. PROS: The community itself is pretty quiet. The layout gives each unit a lot of privacy. The front doors aren't located near parking, they are on the other side of each building away from the garages, so it seemed very private. Fireplaces....I love a fire in the winter. Garages, especially the 2-car garages (which we had) are soooo convenient. They are attached to the building you live in, unlike other complexes where they are away from your residence. If you work in the Medical Center, this is a great location. You can easily get to Babcock from 3 different routes. Gary, the maintenance guy, has been with the property since Day 1. He knows the ins and outs and all the dirt. Nice guy. CONS: A lot of road noise from the traffic on Danny Kaye. People like to gun it after that red light and you can hear them at all hours of the night. The buildings are showing their age. Fresh paint and a new light fixture aren't enough. They need new insulation, doors, and windows. We had major drafts from the front door and every window. Our breaking point in the summer came when we had a $350 light bill FOR AN APARTMENT. Yes, it was 2 story but that was outrageous. We installed a window unit which got management's attention and our a.c. was replaced. Some patios aren't too bad, but our sucked. It was a concrete slab, nothing else. No fence, no way to secure anything you put out there. Most units had enclosures around their patios but a few were like ours, so we never used it. Water leaks - we experienced 3 different types of water leaks while we lived there. First the a.c. leaked from the upstairs to the living room below. They came and cleaned out the a.c. (the one that was eventually replaced) even though we expressed our concern that the unit wasn't working properly. Then the shower upstairs leaked through the wall down into the kitchen. We came downstairs one morning and had huge bubbles of water underneath the paint in the wall, and water all over our clean dishes. Disgusting. Then when it rained, we had water leak through the back patio door and also come up through the living room floor. Seriously, there was no door or window there, it just creeped in through a gap in the foundation I guess. Along with worms and bugs and dirt. It was pretty gross. That happened a few times. We had a baby while we lived there and ultimately our concern about his environment is what led us to move. Dirt, dust, mold, and God knows what else could be growing around in the walls and attic and under the floor. They never dried out anything after they came by. They didn't even patch walls or paint over the damage. The Property Manager referred to it as our "challenges with water". As far as the Property Manager goes, I will try not to attack her as a person since the only relationship I have with her was as a resident. Once we signed the lease she was very different than she was when she was showing up the place. I found her to be slightly robotic with her interactions and very, very defensive. She reminded me of a school teacher who was just waiting to catch a student misbehaving. She's the only person there besides the maintenance man, and I wonder if she needs some assistance because it seems like the job puts her in a bad mood. Maybe she is overworked, I don't know, but her customer service doesn't seem genuine. Overall, a safe residence is priority, and we felt pretty safe here. But there are newer places out there with more amenities. This complex needs updating from the ground up, literally, since that is where the flooding started. Unless they make that type of investment, I think it will go downhill quickly.
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Oakdell Way Apartments

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