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Oaks Of Northgate



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I live at Oaks of Northgate currently. Listen, the office staff is nice. I love Jodie and Emily. Sweet as can be. On the other hand, the property needs some big renovations and cleaning. Make sure that you are shown your apartment before you sign your lease and that you don't just look at the model. The model was clean and nice but the day we moved in and did the walk through we made sure to let them know of the state of the apartment. First, it was not cleaned at all. There was dust and dirt everywhere. The bathtub in my room was dirty and so was the sink. The bathtub paint was cracking and continues to come off every time I bathe. I asked if it was going to be fixed and they said that it was not going to be fixed. The patio wood siding is rotting and falling off. The boards on the patio are also rotting. The blinds were filthy as well. I had to replace the ones in my room because the staff did not replace them. Yellow and dusty. Now for the state of the complex itself. The property is filthy. There is dog feces everywhere. I can smell it at soon as I walk out of my door. Back by the maintenance closets/dumpster is disgusting. Trash everywhere and stray cats own this property. I have called animal control services several times. Just yesterday I had to call for an injured cat and kittens roaming free. Its a bit ridiculous. The siding on most of the units is rotting off along with the gutters. The lighting on the porch works on occasion but it keeps falling off and the wiring is exposed which is not safe at all. The fence posts are broken off and rotting and have not been replaced in weeks. The gate is broken and always open. Which is not safe considering we had several shootings here. Anyone can just come in now. When it rains the drainage is terrible. I have to walk through a river to get to my car. Neighbors keep their dogs out on the patios and bark constantly. One neighbor actually had their dog living outside and they just leave food out for it. The management doesn't do anything about it. The walls are thin and I can never really sleep well. Overall it has just been a bad experience and I am so glad to be leaving. I would not recommend anyone living here.
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Oaks Of Northgate Manager


Hello, this is Emily, the community manager at Oaks of Northgate. I'm very sorry you've not enjoyed your experience here. I guarantee we value our residents above anything else in this community. I would love to give you an update on some of these issues, please call me at 210-690-8396. Thanks again for taking the time to review. We use all feedback to help create an environment that all of our residents can enjoy and be proud to call home.

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Oaks Of Northgate

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