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Pecan Hill Apartments



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
I has review this place before and felt compelled to do so again. The first 6 months were great and we signed a new lease, For the next few months it continued to be great. Then suddenly there was never anyone in the office, the grounds began to get trashy with no one cleaning. They charge for the water but the apartments have no individual meters. Was reasonable for a while then they got a baf leak where there used to be a pool. Suddenly our water went from $30 a month to $90. The manager mysteriously was let go and a new one came in. She said we had mo lease and they were raising the rent $100 a month. We had a copy of the lease so they said OK. Then they said we hadn't paid rent for 3 months. We had copies of the money orders so they suddenly found our payments. Then they said we had not paid water the entire time we have been here, They wouldn't have renewed the lease if that were true. Now they say they are evicting us if we don't pay almost $500 . The new management is horrible. The apartments are 80% empty and the remaining tennants are leaving as quick as they can find a new place. They charge for pest control monthly and have not done and for 8 months. The place is infested with roaches. Our air conditioner went out in June and is still not fixed. The front door is crooked and very difficult to lock. The lights in the ceiling fan in the bedroom no longer work and it is not the bulbs. The doorbell stopped working. STAY AWAY!!!! This place has gone from lovely to hell in 8 months.
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Pecan Hill Apartments

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