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Promontory Pointe Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/13/2001
Jan 13, 2001: I have lived at Promontory Pointe for almost 5 months. While not a horrible apartment, it has definitely not lived up to my expectations. Here are a list of pluses and minuses, ending with my biggest complaint. I probably would not have been so annoyed at some of the smaller issues, if I were not paying $640 for a one bedroom apt (ca. 700 sq. feet), which is pricy in the San Antonio market. I previously lived in a three bedroom apt at Dijon West for $850. <br> <br>(-) One of the automatic security gates for the complex would not open and close properly, so it was left open for one or two months. The apt office even sent out a letter to apologize for the delay. <br>( ) The fitness room is open 24 hrs a day with a pass code. It contains five weight machines which are capable of one excercise each (e.g. bench press). There are also one hand dumbells, a bench, two stationary bikes, two treadmills, some weird pseudo-skiing excercise machine, and a tv. <br>(-) The lap pool is 2 and a half feet deep on one end. <br>( ) Very convenient location to I-10 and Loop 410. <br>(-) The sand volleyball court´s net is only about 5 or 6 feet high. <br>( ) Standing washer-dryer included at no extra cost. <br>(-) The kitchen sink is made of rather cheap plastic, though I haven´t had any problems yet. <br>( ) Kitchen has a fridge, icemaker, washing machine, and microwave. <br>( ) Large walk-in closet. <br>(-) The 1-bedroom unit only has a coat closet and a walk-in bedroom closet. Therefore, there is no real good place to put a mop, broom, etc. <br>( /-) Instead of making the tenants walk all the way to the dumpster, trash pickup is done it specified areas of the parking lot at 10am M-F. Therefore, you see trash bags sitting in the parking lot almost every morning. Don´t get a balcony that faces the parking lot. <br>(-) Bad Service: Though the office staff is completely courtious and almost always readily available, they are terrible and making sure repairs are completed. It appears that you are supposed to complain about the same problems again and again, since they apparently don´t keep track whether or not repairs actually have been made. <br> The first problems I had was with the toilet constantly running (into the toilet bowl, not on the floor) and the showerhead spraying off to the side. After at least three requests made to the office, the repairman came. This probably took about a week. According to the note left by the repairman (I was not present at the time), the only thing he did was tighten the showerhead and adjust the rubber flapper in the toilet tank. The showerhead was still spraying a little off to the side, and the toilet started running continuously again after the third or fourth flush. It really bothers me that the repair person spent about 20 seconds actually trying to fix my problems. It appears that his only purpose in coming was to placate me but not actually spend any money or time making the repair. It probably took another week to get the repairman out again to actually fix the problem. <br> At this time, I had complained that the dining room light was crooked and had also requested that some of the blinds on my bay window be replaced so that they all matched. Two were white, one was a light tan which matched the other blinds in the apt. The apt employee said they had to ask the manager about the blinds and never got back to me. He made the excuse that the dining room light would always appear a little crooked, because of the architecture, so they could not fix this. <br> Later on, one of the hinges on the lightweight two-piece folding door in front of the standing washer-dryer closet broke, thus requiring me to lean the door against the wall. The repairman made a quick and simple repair a few days after I reported the problem. <br> About a month later, the door in front of the washer-dryer unit broke again. I requested that it be repaired again. After a week had passed, I spoke to the office manager on the phone. I also complained about the mismatched bay window blinds and the crooked dining room light at this time. The office manager apologized profusely and asked that I call her back if anything was out of order after the next day. This was on a Wednesday, nothing was fixed on Thursday, and the manager wasn´t in the office on Friday. On the following Monday or Tuesday, I complained again to the manager, and she apologized profusely that she had forgotten to pass on the information to the repair dept. The next day, my washer-dryer door which was lying on the floor, was taken away because it was "beyond repair" in the repairman´s note, and they would "try to find" a replacement. A week later, I complained to the manager again, that I haven´t had a door on my washer-dryer closet for a week, and I have heard nothing concerning when a replacement door will be installed. Fortunately, by this time, the manager was noticeably annoyed by her repair dept. I got my washer-dryer door the next day, and I got three matching light tan blinds on my bay window shortly thereafter. <br> During this time, the repairman came out twice to adjust the dining room light, and he made it a little less crooked. They eventually offered to replace the light, although they stated that it would probably look just as crooked because of the building architecture. I did not feel it was worth the trouble trying to get something fixed by people who obviously don´t know how to do their job right. <br> <br>
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