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Quarry Station

340 Treeline Park

San Antonio, TX 78209



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
As far as San Antonio complexes go, this is (supposedly) one of the better ones. Unfortunately, the city is filled with horrible complexes, making The Crescent barely passable for anyone outside of the area.<br><br>The units have perhaps the absolute worst workmanship of any in the nation, no joke. In my unit (and others I was in), the materials were bargain-basement close-outs, the faucets and drains constantly dripped and clogged, and electrical outages were weekly occurrences. God forbid you should ask for something as simple as a light bulb cover or ceiling fan to be installed, much less have a door replaced. The cement patio was cracked in two, and the much-advertised fireplace didn't work.<br><br>The staff are nice but absolutely clueless. They insist you pay for extra "conveniences" like a gate key and placing trash outside your door on Mondays (what a horrible idea to begin with, given that cats are everywhere in the complex), whether you want these services or not. I had everything put in writing and ran it by my lawyer; otherwise I never would have received my security deposit.<br><br>Security is non-existent. In more than a year there, I never saw a single guard on the premises at any hour. Meanwhile the front gate was wide open - for five months - because management didn't want to pay to have it fixed.<br><br>Pluses are that it is fairly quiet and convenient to the major roads, as well as The Quarry shops.<br><br>In sum, if you must stay here (i.e., are a corporate relocatee), be very, very aware that The Crescent is not about to do you any favors at all, and you absolutely WILL wind up paying for things you never asked for.<br><br><br><br>
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Quarry Station

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