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Rosemont Olmos Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2005
Since it's nice and close to campus, Rosemont is where many of the wealthier Trinity students live. Consequently, there are some occasional weekend parties and get-togethers, but the apartments are fairly well-insulated, so it shouldn't be a huge problem unless you value absolute quiet, are an early riser, AND you get unlucky with who your neighbors are. <br><br>You can pay extra for a garage or an extra parking place, but outside of your assigned spots, parking can be annoying b/c guests often park inside the gate (which is technically not allowed). Several attempts to get management to crack down on this were partially successful (though there's not much they can do about it).<br><br>Inside, the apartments are clean, comfortable, and relatively new-looking. Our unit wasn't roachy, but it did have a problem with bees getting in for part of the year (which was fixed once we figured out where they were coming from). Management did a fairly good job of responding to requests.<br><br>Rosemont is well-kept and safe (gated). If you can put up with drunk Trinity students once in a while in exchange for feeling safe and living in a convenient location, then you will enjoy living there. I would definitely live there again.
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Rosemont Olmos Park

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