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Sendero Ridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/05/2007
Well, this was my first apt. i thought i found a place that looked nice and safe and i could afford. it's been hell since the day i put in ap. it took me forever to get anyone to call me back and tell me if i got in or not. 3 weeks later they said yes u can move in.. i move in and everything a year later is still broken in my apt. they never came in to fix anything.. i tried to get out of this apt (asked them twice) and they said yeah u can change but come down to it.. they had no idea ever telling me i could change apt's cuz i was unhappy with this one.. no one will give me a pool key.. i had some issue's that the cops were ivolved and i got nothing but disrespect cant even move out of my apt even tho i'm no longer safe here. the people under me listen to the loadest music every night and have lived here almost as long as me and when i call to comeplain i get nothing but ok we will tell me. i cant sleep at night or even doing the day i cant watch tv without hearing them. but they can still live here. the gates are always open and that doesnt make me feel the safest coming home at night and having to walk alittle ways to my apt. parking is horrible. I have tons of issues with this place i could go on and on about. my lease is up in one month i cant wait! I hope not every apt i move into will be this horrble!!
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Sendero Ridge

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