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Silver Rock Apartments



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niknik9898 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
I have never experienced more headache with an apartment complex than I have with silver rock. I made the worst mistake when I decided to move in. Good luck getting any kind of maintenance work done in less than two weeks. Oh, but they only get it done that quickly if you call every other day to remind them. Pest control takes about a month. About three months before my lease was up, I received my and my roommates rent checks back. When I went to the office to find out why, they said they sent out a letter stating that they would no longer be taking separate checks. I never received such a letter. The woman in the office said that she was sure that our building received it because about 3 out of the 7 or 8 apartments that usually paid with two checks only paid with one that month. Well I asked her if she hand delivered them herself in order to make such a guarantee and she said no that the maintenance crew had. (I already mentioned how trusty they are.) Well if I go off the odds she gave then I guess that means I was right since the majority of people did not comply with the new rules. Who would knowingly submit themselves to fines and fees? I ended up with about $100 worth. I guess the worst headache I received was upon move out and the subsequent months following. I had a walk through scheduled upon my move out day but nobody ever showed up for it. When I went down to the office to get somebody, the woman in the office said that the one who was scheduled to go out and see the apartment was showing the property to people and would not be able to make it and since she was the only one in the office, she would not be able to leave. So of course they ended up keeping all of my deposit although I had just spent the entire previous week cleaning it spotless. Well to my surprise, I just received a phone call from a collection agency telling me that silver rock will no longer be contacting me and that I have and outstanding balance! Are you kidding me??? I could not believe this. I gave silver rock my forwarding address and have not received a single piece of mail this past year from them. I was never contacted at all. And now I have creditors after me and my previously immaculate credit. Needless to say my lawyer will be in contact with the manager should this misunderstanding reflect negatively on my credit in any way. So now that I m done venting, I have two pieces of advice to any who dare. 1. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING 2. RENT AT YOUR OWN RISK!
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Silver Rock Apartments

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