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Sonoma Canyon

8631 Fairhaven Street

San Antonio, TX 78229



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Office Staff
Closer424 • Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2013
I lived there for two years and this is my experience. The first year we had a great maintenance guy and the price was great. Soon after we signed the second year our hot water went out. It took them a week to "fix" it. After that the hot water took 15 minutes to heat up (the hot water recycling pump was broken). When I told the office, they said that it was working fine. They came to my apartment with a stop watch and turned on the kitchen sink, bath tub and bathroom sink at the same time and waited for the water to warm up. It took over 5 minutes with all three running and the woman looked at me and told me it was fine. After complaints from other residents they fixed it 2 MONTHS later with phone calls from me to the FHA and SAWS. After that the hot water went out maybe 4 more times that year, sometimes for days at a time. When it came time to move out they said that I was required to pay 75 dollars for carpet cleaning which is nowhere in the contract. Even if your carpets are clean and you don't own pets. I tried to fight it and the office woman said she would have her boss call me. After no phone call I showed up and talked to them in person to get her bosses phone number. She refused to give it to me and then said she would send the bill to collections so I gave up and just paid it. Our mailbox was broken into, to the point where you could reach your whole hand into the top 5 boxes and pull out mail. I told the office but they said the post office would not fix it unless they paid for a piece for the box. (please check if your mailbox is broken if you still decide to move in because it is still in this condition). I'm so happy to NOT live here anymore. Oh, and if you move into the loft style apartments, make sure you are not in ones that require you to park in the street outside of the complex.
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Sonoma Canyon

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