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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
Please stay away from this place. Any one who has common sense can put 2 and 2 together to figure out that people do not just sit around thinking about how to write bad reviews for no reason, There are numerous reasons for people to write these things. There have been Bullet Holes in the mail boxes for several weeks, City Code inspectors know this complex very well for numerous and ongoing Health code violations with several visits for the same violations. This property even got a City Health code violation because they didn't pay thier trash bill for several months and Waste management finally cut them off, hence overflowing trash dumpsters that overflowed to the parking lots for several yards and trash all over the property by buildings with a stench that lead to the neighboring private community to take a wiff and call the city. Lets not forget the pool being closed for 2 months because the pump went out which let to a green and black pool filled with fungus and scum(city code inspectors cited for that too) the city made them drain it and scrub it clean. Staff have been going into tenants apartments stealing private property(TV's, DVD players, Jewlery, etc...), calliing it contractual lien, because of Quote: "DELINQUENT RENT" when the truth is they lost tenants rent checks. Lost rent checks is a common occurence along with lost Lease contracts. If they can lose your lease (I wish they would lose mine, so i can leave!) then how hard is it to lose your check? This has happened to several tenants and has even propmted the residents to start a petition for some kind of action. This place has tenant running for the Hills or the nearest health code inspector. One office staff member was fired for sabatoging the tenant requests for maintenance and was throwing them away. The staff is also quick to fine residents for the stupidest things like an uncovered barbaque grill on thier patio and the usual fine is $75.00. Things like this happen in the projects or slums, not the north side. These people are slum lords! I HOPE AN ATTORNEY READS THIS, SO THAT SOMEONE SUE THIS PLACE, PLEASE!
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