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Stoneybrook Apartments



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stoneyguest • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
I am not a tenant at Stoneybrook but a visitor I am. I came in from out of town and stayed with some friends at their apartments for a couple weeks. First of all, I must point out that on their contract there is no verbage or limitations stated on house guests. Anyhow, I have been parking on the same slot for weeks now and one night I look out from the balcony and noticed my car was no longer there. I have seen that if you park on an assigned slot, nasty tenants leave one another notes. My friends experienced having their car towed and was of course not notified. No common courtesy. Okay yes it stipulates on the contract the parking assignments and consequences that you will face should you park in someone else's slot. But when you assign one slot to moe than one tenant then you have a problem on your hand. The computer said one thing and the recurring hard copy list said another. What happened to technology? We tried to find out more info on the whereabouts of my car. We could not locate the guard who is supposed to know about any towing around the property. So anyway, we found out later that evening that my car was indeed towed at my expense. What the ****!! No one took over the slot even after my vehile was towed. Where is the sense in that? I presume manangement called it in but I would have expected at least a nasty note first. Very UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNFRIENDLY PROTOCAL! I guess now we just need to report this to the military housing office so they can look into possibly putting this complex on a "NO RENT" list. Oh yeah did I forget to mention we are military. Sacraficing our lives fighting for our freedom and I cannot even get a Warning.
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Stoneybrook Apartments

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