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Summer City Townhomes



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2Bsafe • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2007
Not a good experience I wont be sending any referrals to this place. Summer City Townhomes Apartments, 4141 I-H 10 East, San Antonio TX 78219, 210-333-1747. This place is advertising features online and in rental books things like: 9ft Ceilings, Bay Windows, Bookshelves, Ceiling Fans, Crown Molding, Dishwasher Disposal Eat-In Kitchen, Frost Free, Intrusion Alarms, Microwave, Mini-blinds, Outside Storage, Pantry Patio/Balcony, Self Clean Ovens, Walk-In Closets, 24hr Emergency Maintenance, Access Gates, Attached Garages, Laundry Rooms, Parking Garage, Sports Court, and Swimming Pools. <br> When I came to sign the lease I was told that access gate doesn t work I asked if it ll be fixed, and was told that it wont because it keeps breaking also the building apartment numbers are coming off or they have already came off so I just had to remember how to get to my apartment because you can not see the apartment numbers (I m thinking why advertise the access gate? Can we say False advertisement ) That should have told me how thing are going to go but I moved in my apartment day one it was dirty I showed maintenance and he was shocked about how the apartment look also and so I could not move in for three day and even then it was still ugly but I had to get out of were I was so I had no choice but to move in and I had to buy area rugs for every room in the apartment to cover up ugly stains that they couldn t get out. they didn t put in new carpet even after I showed them the pictures of what they called a Clean apartment and they should have done so. The master bath toilet was broken for almost a month I had to go back to the office to have them fix it and I had it on my move in sheet along with the ceiling fan in the living room was and still is broke, the kitchen sink leaks still, ect.<br> I had an issue with my December payment that I put the incorrect apt number on my check (I put my next door neighbors apt number) and I got a note in my door at the end of January 2007 so I call. The manager told me I owed a balance on the account I told her I didn t and I gave her everything she need to prove I m paid up in December then she asked me if I knew her (I m thinking why would I pay someone else s rent I just moved here not to long ago then I thought she probably only asked me because my neighbor was black and so am I) I told her no and if I did does it matter then she told me to come into the office to discus the balance. I got late fees NSF fees, ECT. I paid the bill and because they check did bounce (I m not a saint) but they kept telling me I didn t pay it I had to print out my bank statement, get all money orders, cashed checks to show them I was paid up full and my payments are current. I was called and told I owed fees and I would tell them I felt as if they didn t care or believe what I m saying and they had the paperwork to prove what I m saying (this went on for 2mnths) I had to go into the office and again I told the office manager I again that I had no balance on my account (They still had everything I submitted) she still wasn t hearing me even after I told her the policy of HER company she works for on resubmission of return checks (they only deposit one time) and I even told her to check the check number why would they post the same check number for two different apartments she then started to try to prove me wrong by looking in her return check book (that only showed the one check) then she went to call her accountant. Then she came back to tell me what I ve been saying the whole time when we spoke on the phone several weeks prior to me coming into the office.<br> Recently someone backed into the access gate and left a big hole it s been like that for a month at this point and counting. I was going to put a home phone in the apt but the phone jack isn t working and I was told by the maintenance group they only fix dropped lines and if it s more then that the phone company would have to come and fix it but because it ll be a $90 service fee and additional fee every 15 mins to fix what ever the issue is and it s not GTD they ll give me the money back but it ll be able to work for the next tent when I leave so I canceled my phone order because I don t trust this management group to pay me back. <br>I don t have that much more time on my lease and I m counting down to get out of this place. I better get my deposit back because I have the pictures to show what the place looked like before I come into the apartment and they never came to fix anything but the toilet.<br><br><br><br>
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Summer City Townhomes

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