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The Anthony at Canyon Springs

24245 Wilderness Oaks

San Antonio, TX 78258



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/30/2005
I am a resident here and I just found this site. WOW!! I cant belive that you people sit around and write on this. I guess I could say that you are chat room rejects.<br>For the "Lady" who said that she has snakes and scorpions...YOU ARE IN THE HILL COUNTRY!!! Please remove your head from your ---!! If you have a house out here you will more that likely see all types of wild animals!! For the people crying about parking...GET OVER IT!!! the property was built with this problem!! You have to deal with.But I love the guy who has a response to evrything.... GET A LIFE. I am sure that you are a business man of some kind.. Take this as a bad experience or bad business decison if you are that unhappy about it and MOVE ON!! Crying about your deposit on here is not going to do anything!!! Act like a business man!!! For those of you who have lived here for a while..I property was build cheap..BUT you live in an apartment no matter how much you pay!! This is not a custom house!!!! I enjoy my apartment, my location and my neighbors!!! All of you who cry and complain about this GET A LIFE!!! YOU must be bored HOusewives!!!!!! QUIT YOUR BITCHEN"!!!!! :)
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The Anthony at Canyon Springs

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