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The Colony Uptown



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
New owners that don't fix anything, I've told times and the last in writing all of the problems in my apartment Inc RATS,. I am contacting Corp office and code compliance Wednesday giving them three days to fix the problems, they came in making all kinds of promises, and can't even keep the pool clean. They haven't fixed one thing on this property. I don't recommend anyone move here, I haven't even seen a maintenance man. If I could give less then 1 star I would, the owners want you to pay insurance to cover their property, but it doesn't cover yours. So basically if their wiring is bad causing a fire burning the whole building, they're covered, but your sol. The pictures below are where the Rats are coming in ,the toilet has mold and well as the vent that fell off the wall and has mold and I have notified them in July Aug twice once in writing .So now again in writing. this is the last time, the city is going to have to be called. Update: 2018 ---0 ??'S We have gone through about 7 managers and 5 owners, and because they couldn't give us a definitive answer on our electric bill. This office want rent 865$ they want there past due electric 846$ for 2months past due and the current electric another 245$ or so we don't get bills from an electric company. This make up how much we need to pay and sometimes we get a bill on our door most times we don't even get that they used to come in the mail but not anymore. We dont even know who the electric company is. Not only do you pay your electric you also pay for the water in the pool, all maintenance needed to the facility that requires electric, all the lights in and out of the property , all the office, anytime it needs to be cleaned. Oh and p/u trash they p/u when ever they feel like it. And you will have to pay for a non existing security, there was a squatter asleep in my car, the owners said oh we are so sorry about that and the fact that you couldn't get a bill. Every and I mean ever office manager is stupider then the last, oh but this one brags abt 25 years as a Mrg. but can't or doesn't remember what she agreed upon with tenents. We have covered and paid for parking because there literally is no parking if you live on Rampart and she told someone to park there, and then wouldn't call to have it towed when it clearly says so, no one without a car back there should know that code. There is one maintenance man, so be prepared to wait and the mold they supposedly fixed is growing back , all they did was clean it with bleach I told her and the owner that has been done several times, the bathroom tiles fell in to exposed wires and piping and it was left like that for days, I had to cover it. Oh and did I mention the giant! Water roaches they are everywhere outside and Ive asked for pest control, nope nada. But the mold is in the walls is black mold that vent is the same vent from my previous post Black mold is lethal to prolonged exposure. I have proof I spoke up about this the original was written in 2014. Run as far away from this place as you can, the owner is rude he would rather play with his phone then talk to his tenants, the Mrg is rude she knows everything and your pre existing problems don't matter, only what she knows about now. This isn't a homely place it's more like a hotel a trash motel, the owner is from France or Spain so he doesn't give a crap, I have given them in writing about the mold several times. So I will do it again. And I am calling FHA about how they do there billing system and how we did not get bills, but now they want a huge chunk or we are evicted by 7/9/18. The owner said I only bought this place in 10/17 and the reason it got backed up was because you were being over billed, and you didn't have to pay for July Aug and Sept thats a lode of hull. Because I have a spread sheet that says we did. Like I said run run as far away as you can.
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The Colony Uptown Manager


We are very sorry that you are experiencing these difficulties in your apartment. As part of the new changes that have occurred along with the ownership this past July, we have replaced 2 of the 100 gallon water heaters, repaired various drainage related issues, hired 2 new certified maintenance technicians, a full-time leasing consultant, and have a Sr. Property Manager overseeing the community. We look forward to the exciting new updates beginning. Please feel free to contact our District Manager at (512) 809-1969 to discuss the specific issues you are having and to clear any confusion with the required renter's insurance policy on our community. We look forward to having a wonderful relationship with all our residents.

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The Colony Uptown

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