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The Keller

2503 Jackson Keller Road

San Antonio, TX 78230



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2005
STAY AWAY from this place! I've had nothing but problems ever since the day I moved in. If anything needs to be repaired, even something simple, it takes at *least* 4 calls for them to come take care of it. My A/C went out when SA was having 108 degree days & they said go to a hotel & we'll get back to you, but it took over a month before I got my money, the whole time they kept telling me lies about when I'd get it.<br><br>One guy in my building was dealing drugs and someone kicked his door in at 5am & got into a fight w/him which resulted in him jumping out the 3rd floor window. He was evicted. The next people who moved in have had the cops called on them a few times for fighting. Now the management has moved 4-5 African refugee families into the complex and they do nothing but wander around the complex staring at everyone & sitting on any grassy area all over the complex & stare at people. Two of the boys sexually assaulted 2 women at the complex & now the police are involved & the family is being evicted. My lease is almost up & I can't wait to get out this place.
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The Keller

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