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The Preserve at Westover Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
My boyfriend and I spent over a year at Willow Creek Apartments. First in a one bdroom loft (expensive and not worth it), which is why later we had to downgrade to 1 bdroom.<br> DO NOT COME HERE if you like good parking. All residents deserve decent parking but should come late at night surely you will find yourself fresh out of luck and will probably end up parking on the other side of the complex. UNACCEPTABLE. Especially if youre a young woman who works graveyard shifts and has to walk home by herself at 1 in the morning. As a result, one day I parked in a fire lane only to find my car gone early the next morning. I spoke to the manager and explained the situtation and my concern for safety. She seemed pretty sympathetic and promised to reimburse me for the towing bill in rent,meaning she would deduct it from the total rent due next month. So at that point it was fine even though I had to drive to the east side of town to pick up my vehicle and I had an exam that day!!! <br>The nightmare doesnt end there. When it came time to pay rent the next month we were told that since my name was not on the new lease for the new apt technically i should not be parking in the apt complex at all and therefore the towing bill would not be accepted even after the manager had given her word! One of the employees I spoke to stated that it was my responsibility to fill out ANOTHER application when we moved to the other apt. And they couldnt even let us know. When we moved to the othr apt they explained to my boyfriend that all the info was the SAME and all he needed to do was sign. So they tell me that all these months that I've been paying half the rent means nothing to them since "legally" I am not a resident. These people know I've been living here!!! <br> So,anyway,I pass this along to you so you don't make the same mistake I did in believing that these people are caring and sympathetic. I find it repulsive that a resident's vehicle(whether they want to admit it or not) was towed because of a problem they can't handle meanwhile all these people that do not live and pay rent here get convenient parking spaces. I dont have a voice but I pay rent! Go figure.<br> San Antonio is a vast city w/ many great affordable apartments and this renter will not be renewing a lease at Willow Creek Apartments.
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The Preserve at Westover Hills

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