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Towering Oaks Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I have had one of the worst experiences I ever had in my life. I will start by saying that Danya Guajardo is one of the rudest people I ever met in my life. I went in to her complex Thursday 6/15/16 with my documentation, application fee, and deposit in hand. I came with my mother who is elderly and in a wheelchair. We handed her our documentation. I explained to her that it may not be the most up to date but they can easily verify it. She was extremely hateful in her tone and said this will not work. The award letters we had for social security were not for this month. I explained that we only get them yearly. She cut me off when I tried to explain that and argued with me. I explained to her that I work parttime in social security law as a paralegal but she kept cutting me off. She said her disabled son gets monthly statements. I tried to explain to her that child's SSI and adult SSDI are handled completely different. She criticized my check stubs because my boss did not print the name of the company on each one. Made insinuations into my bosses business practices. I called my boss and she got the accountant to make new stubs. I came back the next day with them and here Ms. Gujardo was exceptionally hateful. She yelled at me about my stubs. I took time off work for two months to care for my ailing mother. I tried to explain to her that my SSDI and my mother's SSDI and Pension still equal to 2.5 times more than the rent. She cut me off and said, "I don't care, you have to wor..." She left the room before she finished her thought. She kept cutting me off saying she needed a statement from my boss. She came back in when I was in the process of calling my boss and said, "I don't need it, your other income equals". She seemed upset that this was the case. Then she goes to another room and comes back and says she rented the first floor unit. We asked when, we were just here yesterday. She said, "oh after you left". There was more snarkiness from her and we decided to leave. I will not recommend this place to anyone. I have not been so disrespected in a long time. We both felt like we were being discriminated against because of my mother being handicapped and we both getting disability. I felt like I was being treated like a criminal, like if I was trying to steal from her or something. Ms Guajardo needs to learn the basics of a conversation; which are: person speaks, you listen; then respond after synthesizing the data you received through listening. YOU DON'T CUT PEOPLE OFF AND ARGUE WITH THEM.
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Towering Oaks Apartments

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