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Villas at Medical Center



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dannyplonestar • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2007
This place SUCKS! When I first moved in Patty and staff were really nice and generally really helpful. Patty knew me by name from the first time I walked in until she left. Then - Villas at Crap took over and DOWNHILL EVERYTHNG went! Like I said- just look at the decline in comments from when it was Melograno to now- U see?! the only reason the percent is holding its head over water is because of previous tenants with the previous management. These people dont know their head from their ---! The main managment lady is a TOTAL IDIOT! They are all very rude! (except for this one blonde leasing agent- cant remem her name but she was nice- not helpful and unknowledgable but nice) Heres whats up: 1. Apartments are poorly made: u can hear everything and they are falling apart already and Just hope u dont move in with defective blinds bc they will charge u for them! 2. Managment SUCKS and will NOT help you! the old mgmt was helpful and nice- whenever the computers were occupied in the bussness office i would just go in the back room and use one of those- when i tried doing that with the new idiots- they were on their rag to the 10th power- the new manager lady made no attempt at finding out who I was- introducing herself or taking the stick out of her --- 3. the "Business Office" for about 3 months now the printer has been out of ink - i have called the mgmt several times and they STILL havent replaced it 4. Parking sometimes i LITERALLY have to park on the other side of the complex Friends get yur wallets out bc your car will be towed! 5. cleanliness there will be bugs everywhere! there has been a used condom at the bottom of my staircase for about 2 months now and counting. the trash OFTEN piles out of the dumpster WAISTE HIGH DOWN the pathway! 6. Privacy- there is none= i know when my neighbors are inatamate cause i can hear all do u want to be heard? (some do i dont know! haha) The list goes on ppl! Seriously - DONT RENT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Villas at Medical Center

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