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Villas of Oak Creste



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
Well I moved to San Antonio from out of town and THOUGHT that this place would be a good place for my first move. The place is WAY too overpriced. Sure it has beautiful landscaping, it's just a shame that it is ruined by these ugly apartments. I didn't get to look at the actual unit I was renting when I signed my lease. I learned my lesson the hard way. I was told the apartments were completely renovated, which I don't see where! The appliances are old and it smells like something is on fire everytime I turn on my oven. My neighbors are discusting, and through their trash out the only peaceful part of my living area. I complained to the complex for the first three months before they did anything about it. My sink was broken and wouldn't drain, they said it wasn't an emergency and it sat like that for a week, smelling up my entire kitchen. The screen door was rigged to look like it fit but in reality it was too small for the frame, letting bugs and leaves in my apartment, I complained and they just put a newer one that was the same, still didn't fit, and still didn't shut! There are no lights on the ceiling, except for the kitchen and dining room, which I didn't pay attention too. I've never felt unsafe here, but I have not had a good experience with the management. When I signed my lease, I asked if I could go on a month to month after my original lease, they said no problem, it would just be a small fee. Small to them was $124 extra. Also, my first month here, I didn't have a waterbill for some reason. Second month, I wrote a check and asked for the entire amount since they did not give me a receipt for the utilities, she told me the amount and said that's it! The next week came home only to receive a nasty note on my door stating that I did not pay my garbage fee of $10.00 and could be subject to eviction. This place is I like to say "Bass-Ackwards" The manager is more concerned about how she looks and how many cigarettes she can choke down before the end of the day, instead of the property. I wouldn't recommend a pet rat to live here.
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Villas of Oak Creste

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