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Wolfe Run Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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Office Staff
I moved into the Wolfe Run apartment in September 2015. The reaon I ,oved here was because I had an infant son, needed a reasonably priced 2 bedroom with roim fir kids to run and play. I was excited due to the price and amenites at this complex and seemed like a perfect fit, . When I had signed the lease, included was BEDBUG addendum. Throughout my years of renting apartments I had bever been asjed to sign such a document but didnt think much of it at the time and signed it along with the rest of the agreements. About 7 months into my lease, I had noticed round red bite marks on myself and also my infant son. Thinking it was maybe fleas or misquitos I called the office to see if they could help. The leasing agent ------ came over and ruled out fleas. Not sure how, but trusted her expertise at the time. Nonetheless the bites continued to the point where I was in tears as I could not accet the fact that my son was getting bittten while he was sleeping. I spoke to manager ----- about it and who scheduled an inspection. The inspector found BEDBUGS. I have lived in many apartments in San Antonio and never had this problem in any of them. What is most horrible is they are hard to get rid of. I had to dispose of all living room and bedtoom furniture just to make sure they were all gone when the exterminators cane to treat the apartment. I was very upset and asked ------ how this could have hapoened, Her response was that a lot of middle easterners tend to carry them. There are many reidents of middle eastern descent, but never understood her response. ------ went through all of laundering and placing textile items in air tight bags to make surre all BEDBUGS were suffocated to prevent reinfestation.WHAT A NIGHTMARE. It was pretty obvious she had done this many times beforem but it worked. I was very thankful that the office took care of the problen as I was considering breaking the lease and ruin my credit just to move out of that infested place. I lived there about a year and a half after that t and did not have a reoccurrence. I lived right next to the office, and was never told tgat I would be billed for this treatment as it wad ckear to me tgat the apartment was taking care of their ptoblem. I moved out of the apartment in Novrmber 2016 and was not notified until March 2017 that I would be billed fir the tearptment of their problem. I disputed this with the office, I was advised that since I signed the BEDBUG addendum I would be responsible even though the aparttnent complex has a known problem with BEDBUGS. I will be taking kegal action agaist this compkex for everything that I lost due to theit lack routine pest control as Iduring the 2 years I lived there, no one had gone in to do routine pest control. I feel that I have a duty to help other from not having to endure the nightmare that myself, my partner and infant son had to endure whie living there. The reponse to this will typicalky say that wrpe caused the problem. This is cerptainly not true ad we never had the problem elsewhere and find it realky strange that the aoartment, ulike otherd makes their new residents sign this addendum. MY advise to othere would bwpe to not sign the BEDBUG addendum and to have management expain how pest contol is handled at the property. JUST BEWARE.
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Wolfe Run Apartments

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