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ihateclarewood • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
I do not understand why these apartments are allowed to continue to exist without some sort of improvement. The place is old and worn compared to other places in town. This may be ok if the price was low enough to compensate. However, I pay 620 a month with nothing included (well trash is but who doesn't include that?). The management is terrible. So is corporate. My refrigerator leaks cold air, the microwaves buttons have a short and sometimes work, the stove/oven is old and does not cook evenly or reliably, never do I take a shower without being both scalded and frozen, the bathtub is chipped and stained, the walls have obvious spots where the plaster has been cut out and then replaced to fix problems in the walls, there are water stains that continue to show up on the walls and ceilings, the garbage disposal is so far gone it does not dispose of anything but does make a terribly loud noise while shaking so violently as to cause all objects to rattle off the counter and onto the floor. The windows have no screen, light fixtures are plastic and are neither functional or attractive. The plumbing rattles and moves when it is touched. The carpet is so cheap that my vacuum cleaner bag is constantly full of carpet fibers. When I moved in the newly replace carpet has not been vacuumed and my apartment was covered in shreds of carpet left from trimming. Carpet fuzz was on everything including the kitchen cabinets and in the bathtub. Also in the bathtub were the vertical blinds from the patio door. The door to the washer and dryer was also off its hinges and in another room. Paint chips were also in the bathtub. The apartment has particleboard cabinets which are deteriorated from water and wear. Frequently they give me splinters. There are no baseboards and the area of wall toward the ground is dented, flaking and coming apart form being kicked by shoes and vacuum cleaners. The carpet is so cheaply installed that it does not meet the wall completly in places and the padding is missing in places which causes you to turn your ankle when your foot lands on those places, not to mentions leaves an unattractive divot in th carpet. The wiring is faulty and the outlets do not work in some places. Trash is rarely picked up outside and the parking lot floods and filled with broken glass and other garbage. <br>The staff is so rude! They are not at all interested in being friendly or accommodating after they get you to sign the lease. They leave rude and unprofessional notes on all the residents doors frequently which often have a threatening nature to them. For example, a note was left explainging that the parking space lines were to be repainted. On certain days certain parking spaces in front of a different building were to be painted and if cars were in the way on the day designated for painting those cars would be towed at the car owners expense. We did park our cars elsewhere the day our buildings spaces were sceduled but the painters did not follow the schedule and painted randomly around the whole complex. Obvioulsy not all spaces could be painted since most buildings were not scheduled to have their cars out of the way yet. A week later another note threatening towing was on my door. They needed to come back and finish the spaces. This went on and on randomly with no system. IT was beyond inconvenient. The same was true when the building was re-roofed. The nails and trash went over our cars and the management posted notes that refused any responsibility for damage to our property. I received $250 damage to my car with no compensation or even an apology.<br><br>Whatever you do move in anywhere but here. Nothing about this place is decent or worth what we are required to pay (or worth anything at all).
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