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Hillside Ranch

1350 N LBJ Drive

San Marcos, TX 78666



Resident · 2012 - 2015
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Office Staff
DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! I move out Friday & I've been anxious to for about a year now. I am a very easy going person, I could care less if my neighbors are loud, I never complain, etc. It's student living, expect some noise. The apartments are nice looking but even in the newer buildings the walls are paper thin and its only a matter of time before things started falling apart. First off, I've lived here three years. The first two years really weren't bad at all- I'd probably give it about 4 out of 5 stars. However, the third year I had a minor issue with management and it's been down hill ever sense. Kim, the property manager, is a bully and without a doubt the most childish adult I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. And I work in retail. This woman doesn't care about the people staying on the property she manages, so don't expect her to even let you explain yourself. Having read other reviews and talked to many of my other neighbors excited to finally leave this hell hole, this was not an isolated incident. I do not understand how she still works here. I will say a lot of the other people who work in the front office are sweet but ever since I "got in trouble" with Kim, they barely look me in the eye. And my entire last year maintenance never fulfilled one of my requests. There's been a huge crack in my ceiling for a year and I've called on it multiple times and no one will tell me why it hasn't been fixed/ if I'm even safe living here. Also for some reason there is a fee of almost $100 for a "move out final water bill"- when I've paid rent + water every month! It'll be interesting to see how much $$$ I have to shovel out to just to finally put living here in the past. Oh & every year, my rent would increase. The gym is super small compared to other apartment complexes very similar to this one. The pools is nice, but there are other nice pools in San Marcos. The parking spaces were all janky but they finally fixed that- not that they added any spaces- so parking is still awful. If you manage to stay on Kim's good side, this place actually felt pretty safe and it was right up the road from school. But save yourself the headache, don't live here.
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Hillside Ranch

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