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435 N Comanche St, San Marcos, TX 78666
435 N Comanche St, San Marcos, TX 78666

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Lindsay Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/08/2009
My fiance and I lived here for three years without ever missing a payment. This place is a joke. DO NOT let the cheap price and promximity to campus lure you in. It is not worth your time, money or sanity. The people who live there are loud obnxious fools. Don't be surpised if you wake up at 3 am on a Tuesday night to loud --- fools outside of your bedroom window. Studying is a nightmare here and don't even think about getting a good nights sleep for work. We moved in and our smoke alarm was not working (needed a battery), one of our front blinds was jacked up from the previous tenant, and the tub smelled like someone had died in it. We told managment about the problems and they said it would get fixed. Three years later and the smoke alarm, to our surprise, was still not working. And the blinds had never been replaced. Of course, when we moved out they charged us for both of these things that they failed to replace. They also charged us for broken refigerater shelf bars that had already been broken when we moved in as well as striker plate that mysteriously disappeared after we moved out. Don't expect to get your deposit back and be prepared to pay for hidden fees that they make up. The people who work in the office are so rude especially Christine or Christina (something like that). Don't expect a smile from any of them. They must be to unhappy working for the well known slum lords of San Marcos, to crack a smile when you hand them over a $425 dollar check each month which goes to paying their paychecks. Also, make sure you change your own air filters. You're bound to catch something from the air with the ones they supply you every 6 months. They're paper thin and not even worth putting in. Don't expect any of the washers or dryers to really work. I've lost countless dollars from broken dryers not to mention the fact that other people from other apartment complexes will walk over and use the one working machine. STAY AWAY. I would never recommend this place to anyone...even if I hated them and wished death upon them. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as the Attorney General. Oh and one other thing...expect your car to get hit, dinged, and dented or written on. The idiots who live here can't park and your car will get ----ed up. My car was brand new but now has a large dent on the hood as well as multiple scratches on the door. Parking spots mean nothing to most of the people here.
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Lindsay Oaks Apartments

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