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JLC13 • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/02/2012
Disappointed is an understatement of this apartment. I moved here with the promise that they weren't like any of the other college apartments in San Marcos. That it was a quiet and family community! Yeah right! I live above a bunch of rich frat boys who have all the time in the world to party and blare their music. The walls are thin and I can hear people around me. Then when I called to complain about the loud stompers above me I was told my the manager that is what I give up for the hard wood floors! First off I couldn't walk as hard as they do even if I tried. Second off I pay as much as I do for higher quality INCLUDING hard wood floors and apartments with peace and quiet. I literally feel like I'm losing my mind in this apartment. I am woken up every night, morning, and any chance to take an afternoon nap by those --------. And NOTHING is done about it. The building over has a drug dealer because I've sat on my balcony and watched strange cars pull up every day for him to make quick transactions. A friend of mine had a used condom placed on their windshield. And don't even get me started about the dogs! No one has their damn dog on a lease and no one picks their dogs poop. People are continually over looked for leaving them pet on the balcony who do nothing but bark at everything that walks past them! This place is NOT worth your extra money you are not getting high quality! My apartment came with paint splatters on the hard wood EVERYWHERE and worn out bedroom carpets. The bathroom smelled like mildew. And there was spray paint on my balcony walls. Seriously I should've saved my money and lived in a regular college apartment. I've lived at The Grove and Aspen Heights both were 100 times more quiet and peaceful compared to this place.
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Springmarc Apartments

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