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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 11/06/2012
I lived at this apartment for six months. I (sadly) had to move out because my boyfriend work transferred him to west texas. Vanessa the office manager has always been extremely friendly and helpful and goes out of her way to assist you. The staff in general is very enthusiastic and nice. The grounds are beautiful, and maintenace is always spot on*. We only had two instances where we had to call maintenance. One time our garbage disposal stopped working and another time, we had a leak above our bedroom window. Maintenance came extremely fast and fixed the problems the first time we had asked. While it does tend to get a little noisy sometimes, it is usually on the weekends (and it does not happen every weekend, or close to every weekend). Since the floors are wooden you can sometimes hear people above you however, I had no problem going upstairs and mentioning to my neighbors that they were being too loud when walking around...or playing whatever game they were playing. I only had to say something once and it was fine after that. The pool is beautiful! I enjoyed taking a swim after a long day of work or working out. There are sometimes children at the pool during the week and most weekends, that being said this is a family community so expect that you will see kids at the pool sometimes. That being said, a lot of people in this complex do not take advantage of this amenity. There were many days and evenings when I would be the only one at the pool...even sometimes on the weekends. I have to say, it was pretty cool when that happened. As for the apartments next door. They should be torn down. They take away some of the beauty of the Vantage community, however they have no control as to what happens next door, so hopefully others who are reading these reviews will not negate Vantage because of their location. While on one side, Vantage has a ------ apartment complex next to it, separated by a fence, on the other side of Vantage there is a road, and then an open field. I would suggest trying to get an apartment that faces the field. The apartments next to Vantage...I think it is called the College apartments, are just that. Dormitories for college students basically. While our porch faced those " "dormitory type apartments", I still had no problem enjoying evenings on my porch and would often spend my evenings out there. Last but not least...the garbage. While it may be beneficial to get another trash bin,...I feel that a lot of students at this complex do not take the thirty seconds to open the doors on the bin and then shut them so the garbage doesn't get pushed to the back of the compactor. I specifically say college students because for the duration of my stay, when there were few to no college students here, the trash never piled up like it did come september when students were moving into the complex. The garbage issue is personal responsibility. I cannot tell you how many times my boyfriend or i put a trash bag in that had been left outside of the door when the garbage bin itself was empty! People needed to take the time to open the door, put the garbage in the trash bin, close the door, and push the hinge. If everybody did this, it would not be an issue. I would highly recommend this apartment complex and am only too sad to leave. If I ever come back this way, I would without hesitation rent from Vantage again!
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Springmarc Apartments

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