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The Villagio



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
This place is rediculous. They lost my frist months rent paid with a money order and made my pay it again. Then told me I was not getting the month of free rent I was promised at lease signing, and they told me that AFTER they wanted 3 weeks of late fees on it. My plumbing leaks in the floor and my roomates bathroom room caved in from water leaks and we have been overrun with ants from day one, her cat can't even have a bowl of food out. They do unannouced walk throughs of common areas and bedrooms and on one they demanded money to clean our carpets mid lease when our carpets were absolutely spotless. My neighbors apt had a water leak causeing mold and rot in the drywall in several places, they know about it, they promised to fix it 6 months ago and nothing. I have found dirty used needles on the ground outside my door and a crack pipe, not to mention the broken glass on the side walks, parking lot, in the grass and yes, in the pool (oh and they dye the water blue so you can't tell its filthy and the dye ruins anything but a black bathingsuit). The noise and parties are terrible. I came home to find a total stranger puking in the back of my neighbors truck and always wake up to beer and liquor bottles that aren't mine thrown in the back of my truck. The office staff can't answer a simple question and they hang up on people all the time. I've also had them tell me obvious lies to my face like I'm an idiot. The furniture looks nice but tears and breaks with even moderate use and I'm sure they will charge us for it. Seriously ... ---- this place.
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The Villagio

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