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Twin Lakes Villas



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2006
1. The manager is only around when rent is due and on top of that she is creepy<br>2. Your neighbors are not exactly Mr.Rogers, Me and my roomate are convinced that one of our neighbors is a serial killer.<br>3. Walls are so thin, that every morning I hear my neighbor beating his family. <br>4. Maintanince does not exist here. There is one creepy guy who proably is ------- one of the lady management who come by your apartment once a year. <br>5. Bugs galore... roaches, ants, spiders, and some I have never seen before. The first day I moved in I already had ants attacking my clothing... oh and managment ignores it.<br>6. Bathroom sucks.... tubs are rusted and so are the toilets.<br>7. Neighborhood is one big fire hazard.<br>8. It's so small<br>9. Creepy -------- are always outside getting drunk and blasting their radio until 7am<br>10. This is def. a house for very poor older people, not college students. Me and my room mate are the only college students here.<br>11. The parking lot is not really a parking lot there is tons of gravel that puts alot of wear and tear on your car<br>12. At times it smells... im convinced that there are dead animals under our floor that have been their for months...<br>13. Speaking of floors, they are wavy and very squeaky.<br>14. No laundry room.<br>15. 400 dollar deposit 400 dollar pet deposit, and 35 dollars a day for each day that they think you had your pet there before paying your deposit. <br>16. Chances are you will never see your deposit no matter how detailed you filled out your sheet that says what is wrong with the apartment to begin with<br>17. did i mention the racoons and the overfilled trash that never gets picked up<br>18. The oven is like from the 80's so yeah it pretty old and doesn't always work...<br>19. No celling fans and the celings and walls are ----en old and just patched up. <br>20. No central unit.... oh yeah and don't drink the tap water.<br><br>I only named a few things wrong with this apartment, but belive me this is a ----ed up place you don't want to live at... I hate being stuck alone her its ----ed up... Take my word for its sooooo cheap but don't let that fool you... its cheap for a reason.
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Twin Lakes Villas

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