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Twin Lakes Villas



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/13/2007
This place is horrible.<br><br>My neighbors are idiots and play their rap music at all hours, and are generally inconsiderate. They are either drug dealers or strippers?<br><br>The driveway is horrible, if you can call it a driveway. Idiots are always parking in the road where they violate fire department ordinance, pot holes pot holes pot holes, nasty weed smoking people outside at all hours of the night, smoking in their cars and playing their crappy music.<br><br>It is too noisy. The previous office manager was always yelling across the yard. Neighbors fight constantly and have visitors after 12 am, constant banging on the walls, stomping 24/7, kid crying probably because mother is smoking weed or beating them. Stomping is so creepy it sounds like someone is in your own apartment.<br><br>Overall appearance of the entire community is a slum. Cats are all over the place, creepy people running around all the time, apartments are from the 70s and it looks like a camp ground. There is no upkeep at all.<br><br>I do not feel safe. Outdoor lighting is horrible, next to no lights working in parking lot, shrubs are not cut back from walkways.<br><br>Apartment is falling apart. Paint is all over the place, carpet is disgusting, door knobs were practically falling off when i moved in and it took two weeks for the landlord to get it fixed after constant reminders, door frame had to be replaced because it looked as though someone had broken in previously, closet doors fall off all of the time, apartment shifts constantly because of the rain, everything is warped, from the floor to kitchen cabinets, windows are way old and annoying to open, weird spiders and giant roaches all the time no matter how much you try to get rid of them, oven is 200 years old, there is no counter space, bathtub falling apart, toilet broken, water smells horrible all of the time.<br><br>The staff are total idiots!
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Twin Lakes Villas

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