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Villas at Willow Springs



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
Well, I wanted to wait to write a review because I used to work there, and I didn't want to write a letter in a bad mood. Rather, I wanted to write a review clear minded so others could take my comment more seriously. I worked there for 2mos, and was fired during my lunch hour. So let me start with the parking. There isn't enough. Kudos to the owners for having thought of another way to make more money. So, no there's not enough. Then the parking there is isn't measure correctly and is mostly for compact cars. Trucks end up taking two parking spaces. As far as the staff goes, the place has a high turnover rate. As you business majors, know that means there is something wrong with management. Well Kim, the reginal manager is the epitomy of a micromanager. There has been some great managers whom have worked there, including leasing consultants. Since that place was built it has has gone through numerous managers, and leasing consultants. I'm a local boy so I know, cause I've known friends who live there. Those of you whom are educated know...what does that tell you? There have also been some bad managers as well. Like the most recent whom hired her boyfriend who took money orders and cashed them himself. So, if you paid a deposit or advance rent. Perhaps it didn't make the books. Others, weren't professional enough to maintain confidentiality. Such as talking about residents or applicants in front of prospective or current tenants. Maintenance, was so-so when I was there. I can only hoped things have gotten better. Usually, if maintenance doesn't want to do it. The will tell the manager to call a contractor. Otherwise they will come to fix whatever problem with attitute, or ignorance. It isn't a college property, nor is the shuttle to campus convenient. It's tax credit and section 8. So if you don't like living with those less fortunate, and children, then this property isn't for you. The ammenities are okay, though they advertise a gym. It's non-operational. Somehow they keep advertising it. Who knows, maybe they got new or refurbished equipment. Another note worth mentioning is the a/c they are too small a unit to cool the units. There is always one room that's hotter than the -----'s ---. There is nothing that can be done. You can call and call maintenance, but they won't do anything. That would mean buying a new a/c. I don't think there is a complex in lower states that are fond of paying 1,000 plus dollars cause one room doesn't cool. So roomies need to think about that. Utilies, for one: Satellites are not allowed on the property, so forget it. You have to get Time Warner. Electric is the only company in town. Water bills are somewhat high. Yeah, it's allocated, but you end up paying more for your water bill than you would if you rented a home or even owned a home. I hope this helps your decision. I wouldn't do again, even if I was paid.
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Villas at Willow Springs

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