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Windmill Townhomes & Duplexes



Resident · 2003 - 2004
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Office Staff
The Windmill Townhomes are reasonably priced. I choose this place b/c it is just a 15-minute walk to school, no traffic or railroad crossing to deal with. I also choose this place b/c it is mostly bricked with only two neighbors per home (one on either side). Nobody pounding on the floor from above, and nobody behind you or cattycorner. This place has a more mature environment, meaning that there are actual adults living here. There are eight different layouts to choose from and each home is a little different. Just watch out for those stairs. <br> <br>There are no amenities here like a pool or volleyball court, but I’ve never really used them anyway. <br> <br>Overall I highly recommend living here, just signup early b/c they go fast. <br> <br>Pros and Cons: <br> <br>Parking: <br>There is ample parking available, no parking stickers, gates, or garages (unless you have a duplex). When someone actually throws a party parking might be difficult. <br> <br>Noise: <br>It simply just does NOT get very noise around here. Occasionally people well have a party on the weekends, but it won’t get out of hand and usually dies down at a reasonable hour. I think I have gotten spoiled living here, b/c after all this is a college town. <br> <br>Grounds: <br>This area is very well kept. The grass is mowed and whatever trash there might be is picked up. The place might not look all that glamorous but, it is NOT messy. <br> <br>Safety: <br>No gates. No security guards. But I don’t pay for them either. I have NOT ever feared for my life here, if that’s what you’re asking. I have lived in a place with gates and security locks and everything else, and believe me none of that really works anyway. I’ve only called the cops once and that was b/c it actually snowed outside and some of the kids got overly excited at too early in the morning. The only safety hazarded is the inside stairs. Ours twist and cause people to fall if they are not careful; it sounds stupid, but its true. <br> <br>Construction: <br>All of these places are made from brick or rock or something sturdy. They might appear to be getting old, but NO leaks or bug problems. You can expect a slightly higher electric bill due to the fact that each home is two-story and no backdoor neighbors to help insulate. And it just cost more to heat and cool a two-story place. <br> <br>Maintenance: <br>The place is well maintained. The staff always tries to give me a notice about them coming in and spraying for bugs, or replacing A/C filters or whatever. Every time they do come in to do anything when I’m not here, they always leave a message telling me what they did. Any time I’ve had a problem with what ever, they seem to be very prompt in their service. I make a service request about once a month, usually for small things, and hardly ever have to ask more than once. There was only one emergency maintenance problem (a water main burst), which was handled promptly. <br> <br>Office Staff: <br>The head guy (Mike, I think is his name) is kinda hard to get a hold face to face. But ever should I need something, I just leave a message on his phone and it gets taken care of. In case of an emergency maintenance problem there is an emergency number which pages out the maintenance guy. Every time I pass by K.J. (one of the maintenance guys) he greets me and carries on a short conversation. Overall everyone seems happy to work here. <br> <br>Overall: <br>I think this is a great place to live, if you can afford it. If my roommate were staying here, I would have stayed. You definitely get what you pay for, and more. I’ll miss this place.
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Windmill Townhomes & Duplexes

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