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Windmill Townhomes & Duplexes



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
This is a pretty good place to live. They don't have individual leases so you need to make sure that you completely trust the person you're living with, but it's cheaper than most of the individually leased 4 bedroom apartments and I only have one roommate. It's not furnished but I didn't have to buy any new furniture, just brought it all from home. It's really close to campus and I usually walk, but you can take a bus if you don't want to walk up the massive hill [it's San Marcos, there's not getting away from them]. Maintenance is pretty good overall. We had a problem with the AC for the first couple of months and after like the 5th time it stopped working they finally replaced it and we haven't had problems since. The manager is rarely there though, so hopefully you don't have a lot of questions. They seem to be pretty well insulated because my electric bill has never been more than $90 and that was in the summer when it was hot and it was the first month and there was a first time fee tacked on so it was really $70. In the winter it's more like $40. And then that's split between me and my roommate. I end up paying a little less than $450 per month total. I'm not planning on renewing my lease though because they won't let me get a dog and I also would like to live somewhere that has an on site fitness center. Although the rec is really close. You could totally jog there as a warm up if that's your thing. There's good and bad anywhere you go, and this place is no exception, but overall I do like it here, I just want a puppy.
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Windmill Townhomes & Duplexes

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