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Windmill Townhomes & Duplexes



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
Overall, we like living here. Problems: 1. The house behind us. Most of the problems come from a house behind a complex. They have loud parties off and on, but if I turn on a fan I can't hear it. People cut across by our apartment to go to these parties, and they can be loud. Example, someone once tried to unlock my door (obviously they had the wrong apartment and did not get it open) and some drunk girls tried to ride our bikes (but they were locked). There has only been a few times when our neighbors have been loud. 2. Some people are just lazy. When you sign the lease, they make it seem like they are so strict about appearances. I am guilty...I have more plants than the lease allows, but some people have really annoying habits. Example: leaving trash out for days and raccoons get into, leaving it all over the sidewalk. Disgusting. Other places I lived in would have fined the tenants. 3. The AC system The AC system works, but you have to do this thing where you close the downstairs vents so that you can keep the upstairs cool. Uh, why can't the AC units just work right?? 4. Bugs We had some problems with bugs when we first moved in. I am not too bothered by it, because they spray often. Once we had our place sprayed twice, the bugs weren't such a problem. 5. The stairs Let's just say...be careful. These are some wicked and narrow stairs. 6. The stove...could possibly be a fire hazard What we like: 1. The deck 2. Maintenance quickly responds 3. For the most part it is quiet 4. There are lots of deer, armadillos, and birds around here. 5. Lots of trees. 6. Feels more home like than a lot of apartments 7. They cleaned our carpets 8. Close to campus (but there is a big hill)
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Windmill Townhomes & Duplexes

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