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Villas of Parkhaven



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ac1981 • Resident 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
I only stayed in the Villas for a short three month span last spring, but it was a great stay. My only real complaint is that I can back up what some other reviewers have said about bug and mouse problems. Early into my stay, they had the bug guy come around to do a routine spraying, and ironically, it seemed to only make the bugs come out of the walls into the apartment! They were all mostly silverfish, I guess. No cockroaches or anything big.<br><br>I did have a mouse problem for about two weeks, but it was obviously a single litter that I think I completely took out. I bought a covered mouse trap, loaded it with some peanut butter, and every other day or so I'd hear another snap (one time there were two at once!). In all there were about seven, but I had no more problems with mice through my time there.<br><br>Also, I was in a ground apartment in the far corner of the complex, so I probably got a bigger share of "nature" than tenants further in.<br><br>I could sometimes hear the people upstairs walking around, but only as much as can be expected when you're in a ground unit.<br><br>The office staff were always very nice and courteous. The one problem I had there is that they're materials say they have "wireless" internet service, which made me think AirPort, etc., but it's actually a regional WAN where you have a large antenna receiver attached to your computer with a LAN cable (ie. it's "wireless" in that it doesn't connect to the system through a landline--perhaps that's just a semantic distinction that I'm unfairly making, but I was a little disappointed when the install guy came by and I saw the setup). An earlier reviewer singled out Amy (whom he referred to as "AJ") as being dishonest or something, and I have to say that there simply must've been some sort of misunderstanding, because she was always extremely pleasant in every way with me and didn't leave me with any false impressions about the apartment or services (sans the "wireless" thing noted above, though that was not a problem with her personally, but rather the information material).<br><br>The maintenance people were generally good. At least one of the maintenance guys actually lives on the property, so emergency calls get answered quickly.<br><br>The exercise room is moderately well-equipped, though the equipment is surprisingly old, considering how new the property is. All the equipment was obviously on rental and it would be great if they bought some brand new equipment. (I was in there nearly every day and lost thirty pounds while I was there, so it was good enough for that!)<br><br>They definitely do need to be more vigilant about the parking, as I would often have to park a (though very short) walk from my door because other tenants and/or their guests would park in the spaces closest to my door.<br><br>In all, I'd definitely recommend this property to someone coming to stay in Sherman. Although I was only there for three months, it was a very pleasant stay and I would've gladly stayed there longer if I had to. It wasn't without some minor problems (well, if you have a severe bug or mouse phobia, maybe not minor), but at no time did I think, "I really should've looked around more."
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Villas of Parkhaven

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