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Oak Falls Condominiums



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/03/2006
when i first looked at the apt. i was happy and satisfied but come to find out they didn't give me that apt. that i wanted and wouldn't even let me see it untill i had already signed the lease and was moving in. they told me it wasn't ready and they did the same thing to two of my neighbors. its ------ and if you think that 3 months to fix a microwave is fast or 10 months and a call to the corporate office to fix my leaking dishwasher is good then move right in. the special was good but after your lease it will go up considerably. also my son got a rash from the carpet and they came to clean it and the stains were still there from when i moved in. we ended up having to do it ourselves. grass is dying. soon after moving in my car got broken into and they could care less. THERE IS NO COURTESY OFFICER! after being there for almost a year i asked for a 2 day extension on my rent and she said to CALL MY CHURCH like i was needing charity. and most of all they are the rudest, uncaring, and heartless people i have ever met. oh yeah and the maintience man hit on me when he new i was married. so good luck!
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Oak Falls Condominiums

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