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Apple Creek Apartments



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XRAY4LIFE • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
Look I know the management, and I live on property. I know that it if you are causing a problem, you will be asked to move, and if you do pay all your bills and all, if you are a god awefull person, other people do not want to live near you. If you cause a danger to the tenants yes you will be asked to leave, no one is agianst the military families, if you are respectful, and good people, and that is for everyone you were not singled out for that, maybe you were the issue. As for myself the management team is great, they do thier job very well, and take care of people. So if you are a booger head maybe you should not live here, but if you are desent and polite you should. The new management will not put on a front, if there is a problem it will be address. I also thinks that posting an angry or mad statement is a cheap shot if you have a problem be real about yours, and don't belly ache because you did not get your way. It's funny to me that people would either hate or love a place, thats when some one will leave a posting. I hate apartment living but I love where I am and I like the entire Juniper Property Management Team. A good manager is some what hard and harsh, they have to belive in where they work, oh yeah the both of the maintenance people live on porpety and thier families. Hell The owners son lives on property.
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Apple Creek Apartments

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