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Courtyard Apartments



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
their are lots of bugs in the apartments not to mention mice. they claim they have a "professional cleaner" but then why do us residents have to clean it when we move in? my roommate found shorts under the dresser and dead bugs all over the carpet. they refuse to fix your safety alarms they wait several weeks. they also decided to walk in and "inspect" your room anytime anyday even when your not home or have any notive about it. Also, They allowed temple PD to beat a youths face in so bad they detached his jaw. and the managers words in regards to that incident were "he got what he deserved he egged it on and she doesnt feel sorry for him" THe gates are NEVER locked. when this is supose to me a "secure" complex. They say that they spray for bugs but they never do and they always do it when your gone. they say that they have 24 maintenance on call but yet you wait 2-3 days for service. their is also 2 pics of bugs attached. also they say there is NO PETS ALLOWED but yet several residents have multipal animals dogs included.
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Courtyard Apartments

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