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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2016
I moved in thinking it was an awesome deal, and nice apartment. Boy was I wrong. First off, I've had to call the cops 4 times. 2 of which because the neibors were doing drug deals by the apartments. Not to mention they let convicted felons who aren't on the lease (they're not suppose to be on lease anyways) live here. I know this because my brother has spoken to the person. Then to top it all off, nothing gets fixed. If it finally does, then it will break again. It's flooded 3 times in my apartment, and they've done nothing to fix the problem. My ceiling has "rained" because of a flood upstairs. They did nothing to fix the water damage. My friend's apart had black mold growing from under the cabinet area. Which nothing was done to fix that. Oh, and on top of ALL that. I've had to deal with bugs... Roaches, and bed bugs. Yup, and when they finally sent someone almost a month later to get rid of the bed bugs. They didn't even get rid of them. We have NEVER had any bug problems before, and I've rented from other apartment places. Yet here... They don't care, and there's always someone saying they have bugs in their apartment. I spoke to the bug guy, and he's had to go to at least 2 other buildings for the same problem. I've lost so much furniture, and appliances to bugs it's ridiculous... When the head manager over this one heard of this. The only thing they offered was to let me out of my lease. So I'm taking it, and taking a loss. If I had known about this place ahead of time. I would have never moved here. Oh, and the one thing that seems good is the pool, but it's not. Pool is open 3 months out of the year. However, it's always closed during those times due to repairs. When it is open, you'll find hair, bugs, and other things in it. They keep the pumps off. We've found used condoms in the parking lot in several places. When I told the management that I looked online and see they had a low rating, and that they really should work on fixing the problems. They could care less. The manager laughed and said that no one pays attention to online ratings. All I could say is I wish I would have looked online first. So that is on me. I'm just happy my lease is up, and I'm moving away! So if you want, or like bugs, thugs, and drugs. Well, this is the place for you. For me, no thanks! Wish I could give them 0 stars...
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Oaks Apartments

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