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Oaks Apartments



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Sarah_S128 • Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/29/2019
DO NOT.... Move to oaks apartments. They are hypocritical asshats who don't know how to run any type of business. To give some background, I was asked to surrender my apartment due to me having an unauthorized person staying with me who had a dog. They don't allow dogs. I complied, moved everything out the same day and I was told that as long as I'm making payments they wouldn't send it to a collection agency. They also CAME TO THE APARTMENT while I was moving out and told me whatever I didn't want I could leave and they would sell it to families who move in with absolutely nothing and put it towards my balance. I left a couch that was in perfect condition, a few of my sons toys,and a full set of dishes. Awesome right? No. When I got the statement in the mail they charged me for everything I left and said if it wasn't paid in full by May 23rd that they were sending it to the agency. So, my sister and I went back up there after receiving the statement to ask a few questions about everything they were charging me for. The receptionist was very rude to my sister when my sister was standing up for me for the unnecessary charges such as scratches on the floor from dragging furniture even though I hired a professional moving company to move my things and they absolutely DID NOT drag anything on the floor, repainting all walls when there wasn't any marks on the walls at all, etc. My sister and I came back today to speak with Erica (the owner) and before I even stepped foot in the office she was hostile towards my sister and told her to leave before she called the police. Then, when my sister complied, she started cursing me out saying I'm no longer her tenant and she doesn't owe me any explanation and then told me to control my sister and threatened to call the police on me for trying to ask questions. After she started cursing me out I walked out, slammed the door and left. They are unprofessional, rude, liars who don't need to be running any type of business at all.
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Oaks Apartments

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