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Raintree Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2008
I could not believe the reviews I was reading...I wish I had lived there...and then, I did. I cannot believe that people would ever give this place a reasonable rating. Ask anyone, ask a college student, who is paying the cost of rent, and not on some sort of assistance, and they will tell you, sure its affordable for a full time student who works full time, but there is so much more involved. First, this place is NOT safe. Cars get broken into, strange people walk around the grounds at all hours, some man diggs through the dumpster EVERY morning, and the management LAUGHS. In the year that we lived there, my husbands car was broken into 4 times. The police patrol constantly because they know that it is dangerous, and still there is crime, theft, break-ins and craziness all the time. Once we moved out, I could not believe how they charged us for the most outlandish things. It cost more to move out and replace the dirty carpet we had when we moved in, then the monthly rent. I was someone who paid my rent on time, with no givernment assistance, was a good tenant, quiet, and followed the rules, and I ended up having to pay them more then my monthly rent to "replace" the carpet...are you kidding me? Oh and the amenities...dont swim in the pool...DONT! If you can pay for your rent, and want to live somewhere safe, presentable, then look around there are numerous apartments that have been established recently throughout town, and the drive from Belton, if you move there, as we eventually did is NOT bad at all, and the fact that you wont be living in such GARBAGE is worth the increase in the rent. The money you save on pepper spray and car repairs alone is worth the move. If you are a college student...keep looking, they will take advantage of you because you dont qualify for assistance, and will charge you for everything they can, to ensure that they make the money they are loosing by cutting your neighbors rent. On a positive note...you can walk to the gas station, and the movies/mall is real close, which is nice, cuz you dont want to spend too much time in the complex...its scary!
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Raintree Apartments

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