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The Village at MeadowBend I & II



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/18/2010
If your educated & employed, go somewhere else. If your unfortunate at this time of year, then this might help. Don't expect your crack head neighbors, or your other neighbors, the shotgun weilding white-trash big trucks to let you sleep. Stay off of the grass, owners don't pick-up after their dogs. No overhead lights at night, the gates never ever close,so enjoy that security blanket. Both pools are closed most of the year. Open only during the summer. The staff have this, 'my [email protected]%t don't stink' attitude, which is strange because they are not educated (one of them was in prison for awhile), nor have a high salary. This is a Government Subsidized Housing Project, called Section 8. Half the residents don't work, living off of welfare by choice. A good portion of the kids don't go to school, high-school dropouts. Kids raising kids is sad, but common here. I've lived here for awhile by mistake, like to see the positives in things, but man, this place really makes it hard.
The Village at MeadowBend I & II Manager07/24/2015

Dear Anonymous, We are sorry that you feel that way about your residency here. Please let us know how we can improve by calling us at 254-770-3099. Warmly, Thomas

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The Village at MeadowBend I & II

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