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The Village at MeadowBend I & II



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Misunderstoodmind • Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2011
I live here currently , I would not recommend The Village at Meadowbend to anyone. When I first moved in , pretty much everything was dirty , inside the kitchen cabinets , baseboards , the walls(you could tell they did paint after the last tenant) , ac vents were nasty and almost every light fixture was missing a lightbulb. Which I found was alittle weird being as every Apartment I have ever lived in , made the tenant replace them upon moving out of thier unit. Also a few weeks after moving , I was cooking breakfast , went upstairs to wake kids ,came back downstairs to find a mouse on my stove eating on the frenchtoast I had just made and a dead mouse was also found inside the back of the Fridge. Also just this week , had problems with ants , tried to handle the problem on our own(seeing as we have had problems before with a maintence man spraying bug spray on my 1 year olds teething toy like it wasnt a problem), the ants were so bad I couldnt event use my kitchen or cook for a few days , in fear that ants would carry off my dinner. So we call the office , the next day "Pest Control" came and did absoloutly nothing! After he left I had to spray for the trail of ants myself. The Pools didnt work half the time , either one worked or the other didnt , was an on going battle to event try to take your family for a swim. The park closes to the office has been a wreck the whole time we have lived here , up untill a week ago they FIANLLY fix it. Also there is a grass area right behind the pool that is also close to the mailboxs that kids are suppose to be able to play in , but they have to becareful and look before every step they take , since there is DOG CRAP EVERYWHERE!!! The is only one maintence man that seems to know what he is doing HALF the time. The handrail on the stairs was fixed by the maintence man , only for an hour later my 3 year old , 33lb daughter was walking down holding on to the rail , and it straight came out the wall again , right after thier attempt of fixing it , cause I guess they are too whatever to realize , hey I might need to screw this into a stud instead of putting it in the sheetrock over and over and over. I mean yea if you live on wellfare this might be the place for you , because it is based on income , which we pay full price , 865 a month. But just wanna warn all the people that actually have jobs and work hard for their money and pay there bills , to not move in here cause you will more than likely hate , I cant wait till our lease is up , so that we can move out of here and never come back!!!!
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The Village at MeadowBend I & II

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