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Wildflower Villas

5227 W Adams Avenue

Temple, TX 76502



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CentralTexan76 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2007
I got out of the Air Force and should have looked a little more, but it is a nice apartment complex if you want to live in an apartment for the same price as buying a home. I'm very glad that I only signed a six month lease so I didn't have to pay so much for just a one bedroom, one bath for too long (I only lived in the apartment for 3 months and basically paid $725 a month for storage the last 3 months.<br><br>The only incident I had with an appliance was that our dishwasher went out the first week, but the maintenance guys came right over and fixed it very quickly.<br><br>The parking situation is pretty annoying. The complex that I lived in before wasn't nearly as nice, but EVERY parking spot was covered. At Wildflower Villas you have to pay an extra monthly fee to have a parking spot and there is no guarantee that it will be close to your apartment. It sucked if you had groceries or something like that in which you had to park far away. They could easily add more parking spots due to a huge empty field being next to the parking lot and they could easily have covered parking for every spot.<br><br>I also didn't like our bathtub. It was a potential accident waiting to happen due to it being so high. You practically had to be a mountain climber to get into it and parachute your way out of it. I am very surprised that me and my wife never got hurt getting into or out of it. Actually, I banged my shin more than once on the side while getting in.<br><br>Also, there is an extra premium that they add to your rent if you want a view of the Wildflower Golf Course, which isn't worth it. You get a view of a mowed field with a golf cart path on it and you get to watch golfers hit their second shot off the tee, but who cares. It's more like a view of an iron fence because that is what is between you and the golf course anyway.<br><br>Overall, if you have the money and don't care about what I wrote then go for it. It is actually probably one of the nicer apartment complexes in the area. If you don't care about the view, then get one that faces the parking lot so you will save money on rent.
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Wildflower Villas

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