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Forest Point Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I am sympathetic to the apartment owner and manager. Working a low income property cannot be easy. Alot of my fellow tenants try to weasle and lie about almost everything. No, these arent the nicest apartments in town. But heck they are a hell of alot nicer than brighton manor. The Management is constantly bombarded with ill-payee tenants, who I am asuming are most of the negative reviews on here. News flash; If you have rats and roaches in your home, its because you live like one. Not because management has pest control come out BI-WEEKLY. This here is a sad case of irresponsible, rude, messy people who dont take care of there stuff, let alone the apartment that the Keyword:RENT not:OWN. If you have a maintenance issue because your brothers cousins boyfriend flushed her facewipe down the toilet, dont be upset when maintenance has to waste precious time and money to fix you pathetic issue. Its people like your brother cousins boyfriend that put a bad image on hard working property owners and managers. I dont know if any of you noticed but 2 years ago after thousands of dollars of materials, labor and dedication, that swimming pool was sparkling. It was the tenants who abused the rules and regularions causing imbalances in chemicals to further dismay the keep up of the pool. Let me ask you this' Why is someone going to put hard earned money and labor into keeping up something as expensive as a swimming pool, when 75% of tenants dont respect it. Causing the other 25% of tenants to suffer for doings that werent even there faults. The funny thing about that is that the tenants who are RESPECTFUL and who pay there rent, arent the ones abusing the pool, or the laundry room. So theres a little something for all of you complainers to think about.
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Forest Point Apartments

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