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Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
Cashraped Date: 09/24/2005 <br>I have filled out an application and plan to move in to Austin Ranch next week. I was told that I was approved as well then they tell me that I have to pay another $200 to move in I was not told about prior o applying. I then said well I will just cancel and move elsewhere. They then told me that the first $250 (application and deposit) would not be refunded if I did not sign the lease and pay the additional $200, since I was "approved"!?!?!? I said well if my credit was bad enough for you to charge me an additional $200, I must NOT be approved?!? So after much consideration, I have decided to go sign my lease and accept the additional $200 they shoved down my throat. I love the complex itself, but am apprehensive to move in for a year. It seems like I will become "just a number". I will get other residents together to make posts and/or call TAA if we get as bad a service as I read from the other posts here.If it gets too bad, I will get an article posted in journals, newspapers etc. or even take out an ad if it comes to that. Beware! I have found that most Dallas apartments are just like that!!!! Austin, Tx is a much SAFER, and cleaner place to live. I always thought Dallas was glitz and glamor, but it is dirty and I wanted to move as far away from the city as possible. Now I know why Frisco and the above areas keep growing. A house is in my near future...way out past the burbs and city, and crooks who rent you apartments. <br> <br>
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Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch

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