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Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
I am THANKFULLY moving out of this place today! I just tell you my experience from the beginning - and I've only been here for 6 months! First, the only time anyone has ever answered the phone this entire time was when I called to find out if they had any availability - from that point forward, no one EVER picked up at the office and it was like pulling teeth to get a return phone call - I had to go to the office to talk to anyone and even that wouldn't resolve issues. <br>My leasing agent called me Thursday before my move in on Monday to tell me that the apartment wasn't going to be ready for a Monday move-in. So when I said that would be a problem, he said I could stay in the guest suite for the two extra days and that he would "get me a quote" on the room - needless to say, I wasn't going to pay extra for their screw-up and was put up in the guest suite at no additional expense. I noticed that I could hear every foot step and dog upstairs and HOPED the walls weren't so paper thin in my actual apartment.<br>NO SUCH LUCK! Within the first week, my upstairs neighbor started BARKING AND HOWLING in the middle of the night!! Woke me up out of a dead sleep! Now, I understand that noise is just part of city and apartment living but this was ridiculously excessive. My upstairs neighbor works/worked nights and the dog would start howling when left alone. Despite a minimum of weekly calls to the office, the "security" team, and trying to work it out directly with my neighbor, it wasn't until Michael ("resident relations") was fired, did the office do anything about it. According to the person who took Michael's place, my neighbor didn't even have the dog on the lease and Michael just ignored my complaints. <br>The first time I turned on my heat was a Thursday and it set off the smoke alarm! I went out of town straight after work on Friday fortunately, because NO ONE from the office called me until MONDAY! The fake drawer front on the bathroom cabinet was held on by hot glue and one screw - fell off the second week. My husband tried to plug a radio into the wall socket and the plastic cover broke because it wasn't properly installed.<br>It is true that the turn over in the office is extremely high - o , except for the receptionist who never answers the phone and when she does LIES to callers about who is available - I witnessed it as well experienced it.<br>The so-called business center has 4 computers (for a community of 2000), so there is always a line, and they run very slowly because no one maintains them. PLUS the copier/fax machine NEVER works and/or there is never any paper. Very little business gets done here.<br>The workout room in the Moose Lodge always has the radio turned up to "ear bleeding" - I didn't try the one at Dry Creek but I think you get the idea.<br>Finally, when my husband and I thought it couldn't get worse, a man claiming to be with "Dallas County" accosted him at 11:30 at night on a Friday asking all sorts of personal questions - my husband doesn't take that kind of crap and it got heated. Apparently, this guy was a bounty hunter looking for the previous tenant - you would think he would know what his target looked like! <br>I have several friends who live here and love it but I had an awful experience - overpriced BS! <br>
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Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch

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