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1515 Rudel Dr, Tomball, TX 77375
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Resident 2017 - 2020


I love living in this community. I have been here for several years. Roxanne in the leasing office is outstanding. The maintenance man is gets things fixed fast. They are nice and courteous. Nice place to call home.

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    Resident 2019


    If not aloud please remove. Do not rent from Marymount apartments Whatever you do. Don't rent from this company. I was taken to court and asked to move out over a text message referring to their maintenance service as a "joke and being ignorant". It took three employees with a fabricated story under oath to remove us. You can bet your --- I'm suing this company. If you like being yelled at, doors that leak, and things falling apart then this place is for you. I've been verbally assaulted twice. I've called the cops out on staff because it was done in front on my little girls. Who now are very scared of one employee. Told the judge they are scared of me. Yet you didn't call any cops, never wrote me up, nothing. That one employee was moving because of me in two weeks lol. Yeah a man with no violent record who has full custody of a daughter yet I'm supposed to be a scary person. Trash service you have to pay for is always skipping around and missing apartments. So expect your trash to sit for days waiting to be picked up at times. When they're working… See More>
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      Resident 2019


      Staff is rude as hell. Building codes are out of date and most apartments leak water when raining. Property is infested with flies. Maintenance- one person and he suck. If you complain they'll play the victim. Make sure you take pictures and recordings of everything. Owner needs to replace the management co. and staff before they're sued by someone.

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        Resident 2015 - 2019


        of course there will be Retribution for this. Left a direct call from office about a concern I had. Seems my telling office about my concerns as a resident informing me of their being patient/ tired of my concerns is too much. Apparently a out stairwell light is not a safety priority for someone who is a disabled veteran needing light to stairs going up to second floor. It is what it is.

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          Resident 2015 - 2017


          We moved here from Chicago in 2015, overall these apartments are nice and decent rent for all that you get in Tomball. We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath, nice size closets, rooms, washer/dryer, dishwasher and balcony and base rent without sewer and water is $1199. We have new mgmt and at first they were questionable, but so far they have been great and addressed all of our concerns. These apartments are one of the nicest and least expensive in Tomball and are conventionally located near many stores. They are also right down the street from all the schools. We've had a few pest issues, but may be due to new neighbors, however the manager has no problem with having the apartments sprayed! There are two cats that roam around and have scratched up some cars, but again this isn't something I can blame on mgmt. we've seen tenants feed the cats, so I'm sure that's why they never leave. I think it's a good place to live!

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            Resident 2016


            Don't move here, traveled 1300 miles by car from Michigan with my children, viewed the apartment before signing the lease, gave my money and moved in, only to find a roach motel around 9 p.m. that night. My children were so freaked out because they have never been exposed to roaches while growing up. Had to get 4 cans of roach spray from 24 hour walgreens and still had to sleep in my car my first night in Texas!!!! The next day missed out on my job opportunity due to talking to the leasing office about releasing me from my lease. Huge inconvience my clothes were roach infested, threw out my bed set. Had to stay in a hotel for a week. I did recieve my money back a week later because all of this occurred within a 24 hour period. I spent alot of money washing and buying food and renting a room due to the nastiness of my apartment. The crazy part is the leasing agent acted as if the roaches were normal and she wasnt upset at all. Like they were all over the place.… See More>
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              Resident 2015


              We lived here in 2015. It was OK. The apartment was clean when we got there and maintenance requests were handled timely. You can submit your request online and it is a very simple process. Some people don't clean up after their dogs. We didn't have any trouble getting back our full deposit. The neighbors were polite but don't talk to each other much. Sometimes there were kids unsupervised running around. This is nicer than most other apartment complexes in Tomball, but I wouldn't want to live there again. The grounds look nice mostly close to the office. When you get farther away from the office it's not as nice, spots muddy with no grass, etc. Not a good place to go for a walk from, people speed on Rudel and there is no sidewalk. They had problems with vandalism at the pool while we lived there and had to shut it down. They accept pets but you will have to put down a lot of money to get into a unit if you have pets, some of it nonrefundable. There are stray cats and one of… See More>
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                Resident 2012 - 2014


                DONT MOVE HERE!! THEY ARE ROBBERS STEALING MONEY !! Mangement sucks .They will not give your deposit back by stating too many stupid reasons.I was charged almost $ 1200 post moveout for carpert and kitchen cleaning which doesnt make any sense.The lady manager is not responsible in her job.She sucks!!The only positive part is the maintainace.

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                  Resident 2013 - 2014


                  Really bad management..place is old..Lots of cockroaches and rats..DON'T MOVE HERE

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                    Resident 2014


                    The maintenance is the only good thing about the place really. Raymond is amazing, always very polite, quick, and always solves the problem no hassles. That said the apartments are verry old for the prices they charge now you could go somewhere nicer for a bigger place ($870 and up for 612sqft). It is a safe place being right next to the fire department. If you don't like kids do no move in to this place, it has tons of kids, generally uncontrolled running around being loud and noisy. The worst thing about this complex is the manager. She is completely rude and unprofessional when it counts,never takes responsibility for mistakes she makes, and she loves to victimize herself when you are having a problem. Always, always, always get everything in writing here. Overall we have spent 3 years here and it is okay but you really can get something nicer, bigger, with a better management team for your money, no doubt.

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                      Resident 2013


                      I have lived in these apartments for almost a year and I am very satisfied. The price of my one-bedroom is very economic. My apartment is small and the appliances are dated, but they get the job done and you get what you pay for. I live on the second floor and I have never had problems with any neighbors or management. The office staff is always helpful and professional, and the few maintenance issues I have had have been resolved immediately. Noise levels are the same as if I lived in a neighborhood with kids playing outside. I feel very safe, and the location of the complex is excellent. The only negative is that I often get a cigarette smoke smell that comes through the washing machine drainage chute from an adjacent apartment. Overall, I highly recommend Marymont.

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                        Resident 2012


                        DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!! The manager and management company will not help you and in fact will make sure you are evicted if they do not like you. They noise level is high for downstairs apartments and the upstairs apartments are treated like they are making the noise on purpose. Please for your own sake do not rent here. They are unprofessional and the manager --------------- is the worst apartment manager we have ever encountered!!!!!!

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                          Resident 2009 - 2011


                          Im only here because i signed a lease for too long!

                          At first I absolutely LOVED it here! The old management was amazing and took care of everything I could ask for. Very recently, a new management team arrived. This whole place has gone horrible. My first clue should have been the manager not knowing the name of the apartment complex and I had to teach her how to use a fax machine! Those women are seriously stupid and have no respect for anyone. I recently started having problems with my microwave and asked they please come check it out, nothing happened until my microwave finally EXPLODED and caught FIRE. Even though I waited nearly 2 weeks!! I also can't believe the parking. I recently got a ticket for parking in a non space, but literally, every single parking spot is taken at night. We also now have NO towing company. I came out at 6am one morning to see a truck of someone partying at another tenants house completely blocking off 4 cars including mine and had to call the police to have them moved. We also have an amazing problem of roaches. I had an amazing Keurig coffee maker and roaches nested and laid babies in it!!! I also have a… See More>
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                            Resident 2010 - 2011


                            Marymont is AWESOME

                            I love living at Marymont the manager and the maintenance team take care of everything. The property is very well maintained and Marymont is in a great location. It is close to Kroger and many places to eat. The pool is a great place to hang out and I love that it is a gated community. I have been very happy there.

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                              Resident 2009 - 2010


                              DONT DO IT!

                              DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! The apartments themselves look nice if you get one of the updated units but if you get one not updated then they look like all the equipment is left over from the 80s! These apartments try to rip you off and they are also government assistant approved apartments. Not hating on people who actually need help with money but alot of people that live in here you can tell they are just a bunch of trash who live of the government and dont work. It is a bunch of trashy people who run the place too! The woman in the front office sits outside all day smoking. Her alone makes the place look trashy. Dont think you can go swimming all summer long either because the pool is only supposed to be closed 1 day a week for cleaning but it is closed a whole lot more then that! Also even if I went swimming the day after it was supposedly clean there would be trash at the bottom so I dont think they honestly cleaned it either. After a "cleaning" I found a condom and a baby wipe at the bottom of the pool. Roaches… See More>
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                                Resident 2009 - 2010


                                MARYMONT IS NOT THE WAY TO LIVE!!!

                                I lived in these apartments for 9 months. I finished out my lease. I lived in one of the upgraded apartments and it looked very nice on the inside but we constantly had a roach problem. We are very clean people so to have roaches in our home was disgusting! Also we lived there for 6 months with a broken patio post. There was mold in our AC. All these concerns were pointed out to them when we first move in. You sign a paper stating all the problems and the lease states there are supposed to fix these problems quickly. The roach problem they tried to fix a total of 5 times! That is how bad the roaches are there. 5 times and they still didnt go away. Who knows maybe the people next to me or living under us had a dirty home so the roaches came from there. Either way me and my children lived in a roach invested apartment. Also the patio was not fixed for 6 months! So for 6 month of our 9 there we were not allowed on the patio because it was a safety hazard and could fall. WOW we paid extra… See More>
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                                  Resident 2010


                                  Old but a good apartment.

                                  I don't live there anymore but my experience was a good one. The place is old and not pretty but it's also not bad. The apartment was clean and I had no maintenance problems. The office was also very nice. They took care of everything I needed and they answered all my questions when I moved in. The neighbors were not loud and they were very respectful. The grounds were also clean. I never found trash laying anywhere. It's also a gated community so it has good security. The parking lots were never full so parking was never a problem. And there were lots and LOTS of kids so it is a family community. If you are looking for a clean, family environment with good neighbors I would suggest the marymont. I was a happy resident. :D

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                                    Resident 2006 - 2007


                                    Marymont 'Upgrades' - See your apartment first!!

                                    When we got information about Marymont about a year ago, we were told one price and then when we signed the lease we were told our apartment was recently upgraded so the rent would be higher. We desprately needed a place so we took it. Come to find out, our apartment had not been upgraded and we have been paying higher rent all along. (We visited our next door neighbor, who has lived here longer than we have to see his apartment has new carpet, stainless appliances and fresh paint) I COULD NOT EVEN GET FRESH PAINT!!! I like this area but I am very disappointed in the management! When I asked about bugs, Lana said all apartments have bugs. When I asked to get the apartment sprayed, she made me feel like I brought the bugs. She is not very helpful. The bugs live in the bar and dishwasher area. yuck!

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                                      Resident 2006 - 2007


                                      Great Experience!

                                      The Marymont Apartments are great. They are a bit older, and not exactly energy efficient, but they are very well maintained. The overall look of the grounds is much better than anything else you will find in Tomball. I can't say that the front gate has ever worked, but it's alright because this is Tomball, definitely one of the safest communities in the Houston metro. It's in a great location; quiet, but on the side of 249, less than 10 minutes to major retailers, schools and businesses. The apartments are somewhat small, and the colors are dingy, but thats changing because the entire complex is undergoing a COMPLETE remodel, and the new units look great. You won't find any other complexes in Tomball with Stainless Steel Appliances. Maitenance is great, Management is generally friendly but seems understaffed.

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                                        Resident 2005 - 2006


                                        I have lived here for almost two years. The manager and maintenance are great. The downside is they are older apts. that are not energy efficient. As a previous poster reported the gates do not work most of the time and are a nuisance. Not only does it allow anyone access most tenants or their friends let anyone waiting have access. I would recommend the community.

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                                          Resident 2001 - 2002


                                          Oldie but not a goodie

                                          I have lived at this complex almost a year. The a/c does not work that well and it has the cheapest duct works I have ever seen. There is one going into the combined living/dining area/kitchen. The pool light has not been fixed. They are not providing washer/dryer units to new rentals. The area in general is getting a little rough. The electric gates are in working order less than 25% of the time. On the weekends they are pulled off the track for anyone to get in. I would think of all of my options before signing a lease here.

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                                            Resident 2001


                                            Good, but older

                                            So far so good. This apartment is older. We had to have a 3 bedroom and there are no other 3 bedrooms in Tomball. We wanted Tomball because of the schoold districts. This is only a temporary stay until we can get into our home. Additionally, it is about 400-500 dollars cheaper than other 3 bedrooms places which are further down the 249 by Compaq, albeit, they are newer. This is helping us save a little bit of money for our down payment. They did put in new carpets and painted the entire unit before me moved in, making the oldness, livable. The cupboards are about 20 years old, but we just put down contact paper to make the insides look better. <br> <br>KP

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                                              You chose small-town living because you like plenty of green space. No living in the shadows of dense high-rise buildings for you. You prefer views - green views - all around you. Just like what you'll find at Marymont Apartments in Tomball, Texas. *Marymont is near 249 and 2920 connecting you to all points in Houston via Beltway 8 and I-45 in a matter of minutes. Plus, you're within 5 miles of Tomball School District's prestigious schools. Here you can walk to convenient shopping at Tomball Town Center. Beautiful Spring Creek Park with quiet picnic areas is two miles away, and upscale shopping and dining at Willowbrook Mell are a mere 11 miles away.*At Marymont Apartments in Tomball you can choose from one, two or three-bedroom apartment homes with versatile floor plans. Many homes have redesigned kitchens along with upgraded baths. All Marymont homes include kitchen pantry and breakfast bar, generous closet space, and private patios or balconies with French doors.
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                                              Marymont is a 612 - 1,063 sq. ft. apartment in Tomball in zip code 77375. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths Nearby cities include Spring, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Woodlands.

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