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Quail Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
After begging and pleading with the office to let me keep my dog (he's over the weight limit but he's very calm and non-destructive) I smuggled him anyways because I did not have anywhere else to keep him (I just moved from out of town, no apartment complexes had any openings). <br><br>When they discovered him they told me I had to get rid of him or they would call animal control. They refused to negotiate any kind of deposit or fees only because he weighed more than 25 lbs - "If you can bring a scale down here to the office and show me that he weighs less than 25 pounds then we'll talk. Otherwise, get rid of him." <br><br>So I was forced to put my dog of four years up for adoption. <br><br>As if that's not hard enough to do, I went to pay my water bill and the office manager has the nerve to say, "Did you get rid of your dog?" I said yes, and she glared at me and said, "ARE YOU SURE??" just to add insult to injury. <br><br>I have never experienced such insensitivity and unwillingness to work with the tenants, especially after having to give up my dog for these people. Quail Creek Apartments should be named Shrew Creek Apartments.
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Quail Creek Apartments

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