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The Reserve



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
DO NOT move in here!!!!!! I would recommend Varsity apartments over this place! 1.) STAFF IS HORRIABLE! -my car was towed because I was not issued a parking sticker, due to the fact that the office ran out. I was told to park in visitors however there is a limited space for visitors parking! Was not issued a reimbursement for this mishap when it was clearly them who were at fault. After getting my car back I was issued a TEMPORARY PARKING STICKER. Ugh, the nerve!!!!! - Next, the had the nerve to bolt lock my door because I had not "payed rent"! When I went in and told them of their mistakes the manager (who is a legit air head) told me that I did not pay rent. When she left her employees apologized for the mishap because they knew exactly what was wrong and removed the bolt! They had put it on the wrong door!!!!! Go figure right?? So I was locked out my own apartment that I had payed for. -when I moved out of this place they had the audacity to try and charge me 500+ in move out fees because of the carpet, blinds, and etc.. However all these things were horrendous when I moved in!! I kept the sheet with all the damages on them and took it to the office to let them know that they need to way the fees because it had looked like that when I moved in! But for course they refused stating should could take off 33 dollars for the mint blinds. So I asked for the number to corporate to let them know what had happened. And the manager had the audacity to state that SHE WAS IT. I said okay and did the research myself and found their email and sent them pictures of when I had moved in and moved out, with my yellow sheet, and they waved the entire fee! BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!! 2.) Roomates -I love people but let's be honest the people that they pair you with are bimbos! I somehow got a animal park moved into my apartment! The total of animals in the apartment were 5 animals!!!!! And this is coming from someone who loves animals, but not when I wake up everyday from the fear of stepping in freshly made poop every morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you don't have a roomate you know please don't move into a 4 bedroom!!!! 3.) The True ------ - last but sure not least! You are moving into the hood. I repeat YOU ARE MOVING INTO THE HOOD. Stay inside but guess what it doesn't matter! Hood rats flood this apartment and are loud and ignorant! When people want to fight where do they go? HERE. They don't even live here but guess what they are here. This apartment has been on the news several times for these big WWE cage matches they decide to throw in the middle of the night! So do yourself a favor and live in a tin can boo, because this place is the expensive ------!
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The Reserve

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