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University Pines Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/07/2016
Save yourself. This place is awful. I'm not sure where to begin. Everything including the blinds are so old that you can't hardly touch them or they Crack, the ac makes a constant awful knocking that the maintenence people could care less about fixing. I personally found a ton of mold in my ac unit, which was airborne in the apartment. Maintenance people came immediately after notice, said "it's not bleach, just dust", then proceeds to clean it with bleach and gloves.. funny, never seen anyone dust the counter with industrial bleach before. Not to mention the guy tried to fine me 200 dollars for opening the access panel. Later that night I learned there was no rules against that and he was trying to collect pocket money. I was fined 30 for having indoor furniture on the patio.. the chairs were wooden rocking chairs!! The guy across the hall has a microfiber gaming chair on his porch and they say nothing to him. It's like they look for every possible way to lie steal and chest every dime from you. The RA that gives tours to people said and I quote, "yeah youre going to have to deal with a lot of drunk peiple and suicides.." what kind of business marketing is that?! Thank God there hasn't been any suicides while I've been here but come on people. The pool was green for 3 weeks,they refused to change the propane in the grill. So you have all these wonderful amenities that you can't use and or will give you cholera. Jed is a great guy and willing staff, most of the student ra's are cool too. But you can make fine appeals to Matt at upines and he'll be rude to you just for fun and refuse you're appeal because he could use the money for steak and shake. Long story short don't make the same mistake. Patriot village is a nice quite place and they leave you alone.
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University Pines Apartments

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